TIME MACHINE by Roger Doyle released today


Heresy Records is proud to release TIME MACHINE by the celebrated Irish composer, Roger Doyle. TIME MACHINE has been described by the Irish Times as “a richly rewarding work that runs the full, glorious gamut of human emotion” and as “A deeply meaningful release” by Ambient Exotica.

TIME MACHINE is centered on a body of telephone answering machine messages that Mr. Doyle recorded and saved between 1987 and 1989. The messages give a strong impression of what it was like to be a composer living the bohemian life in Dublin in the late 1980s.

The album presents the listener with a fascinating dramatis personae including, the composer’s parents, Paddy and Gwen, his son Paavo, his new-born grandson Oisín, the renowned actor and director Steven Berkoff, the actress Olwen Fouére, the poet/broadcaster, Jonathan Philbin Bowmen, the composers, Daniel Figgis and Vincent Doherty amongst others.

The album operates as a memento mori and achieves a sense of gravitas from both the remarkable and emotionally trenchant music Mr. Doyle has composed and as a result of the many people on the album who are no longer alive. Philbin-Bowman, died tragically, Mr. Doyle’s parents passed away, children have grown, friends have become estranged and new life has sprung up in the person of his grandson and his compositions themselves.

Mr. Doyle composed, produced and performed all the works on the album.
Photography: Laelia Milleri
Graphic design: Ciaran Byrne
Art direction by Eric Fraad

Available to buy now on CD and Download