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Counter-culture sensation, The Dublin Drag Orchestra, specialises in elegant, highly theatrical, innovative performances with spectacular costumes and effects.  Works are staged to be highly entertaining, surprising and deeply moving and the music is virtuosically performed, meticulously researched and recorded to exacting standards of high fidelity.

The Dublin Drag Orchestra’s debut album features two EP discs:
Motion of the Heart showcases music on the theme of the heart from 17th century England including works by John Dowland, William Lawes, Henry Lawes and John Ward together with Hank Williams’ ‘Cold, Cold Heart’

¡Viva Frida! a musical tribute to the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo featuring music from 17th century Mexico from composers Antonio de Salazar, Gaspar Fernandes and Sebastián Durón and the song ‘La Vida Callada’ by Clara Sanabras with words by Frida Kahlo.

In November 2012 The Dublin Drag Orchestra released two Limited Edition 7”vinyl singles titled Christmas 1912 and One Minute to Midnight, New Year’s Eve 1912 and an EP digital download named The Lost Discs. The recordings feature music by the early baroque masters by Marc-Antoine Charpentier and Luigi Rossi.

5 Star review from The Independent

“It takes chutzpah to programme Hank Williams alongside William Lawes.” The Independent

“Musical standards are high, their programming ingenious and their photos are terrific.” The Metro

“The musicians on this recording are truly stunning. They produce a fascinating world of beautiful colours and sounds, and their musical creativity, passion and soul reaches out and touches the listener in a way that few can. For its expressive interpretations, interesting cover design work, and stunning musicians, this is my CD recommendation of the year.” Musica Antiqua, UK Quarterly Early Music Magazine

“A jaw-dropping reinvention of Hank Williams’s Cold, Cold Heart, which made me cry on first hearing it, the harmonies invoking Sixties California as much as 17th-century England.” Graham Rickson, The Arts

“A really great double album! Elegant and lively the interpretations have charisma and character- Irresistible – 20 out of 20 Points!” Georg Henkel, Musikansich.DE

“It doesn’t matter what these musicians wear or call themselves, they are going to be remembered for a distinct sense of musicianship and yes, there’s an undefinable flavour to their music.” Kate Rockstrom, Readings, Australia


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