The Classical Reviewer reviews THE TRANSCENDENTALIST

The Classical Reviewer

“Pianist, Ivan Ilić, gives a tremendously cohesive recital of Scriabin, Cage, Wollschleger and Feldman that surprises and enlightens at every turn on a new release from Heresy Records.”

“This is a tremendously cohesive recital that surprises and enlightens at every turn. I would encourage people to get this disc, not only for Ilić’s fine performances but to challenge their ideas on modern music.”

“In addition to an extract from Emerson’s lecture on The Transcendentalist, there are notes on each composer, a note by Eric Fraad on the connections made between the featured composers and notes by the pianist on the music. The recording made at the Salle Cortot, Paris is excellent.”

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The Transcendentalist

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