Press quotes for The Red Book of Ossory

“Absolutely extraordinary… One of the Best Albums I’ve Heard This Year. Musically the gang are firing on all cylinders; thematically it’s fascinating; and historically it is horrifying and illuminating in equal measure…Wonderful music, fascinatingly presented”
Bernard Clarke, RTÉ Lyric fm ‘In the Blue of the Night Show’

“A work of singular genius…This brilliant suite of songs practices its own apparent witchcraft, seducing you straightaway with its beauty.”
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“The wonderful ..innovative Irish ensemble Anakronos – which features the voice of Catriona O’Leary, Deirdre O’Leary’s clarinet, Nick Roth’s saxophones and the keyboards and percussion of Francesco Turrisi…… delivers an exquisite and refreshing sound in a saturated world that is slowly forgetting its ancient musical roots …a stunning bridge between the past and the present.
Best Albums of 2020
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“A new take on what music can do and say. As O’Leary and Anakronos evince, music need not simply entertain us—it can also educate us.”

Colleen Taylor, The Irish Echo
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“My anticipation soared when I opened the CD booklet, a beautiful production in all the key areas of design, historical background, musical intention and musicianship– particularly the latter.”
Dick O’Riordan, Sunday Business Post
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“An innovative and exalted musical experience…The Red Book Of Ossory is a singularly effective combination of medieval melodies and contemporary psychedelic jazz, triumphantly portraying humanity’s duality in its music. It’s undeniably beautiful, but always with some dissonance—often subtle—sleeping beneath each track.”
Lori Lander Murphy and Owen Murphy Irish
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“A recently-formed ensemble with a hint of the supergroup about them…as the debut album from Anakronos grows more familiar, it reveals and revels in layer after layer of sinister chills and thought-provoking arrangements and effects….Anakronos don’t sound quite like anybody else”

“One of the lovely things about the disc is the freedom of the music and the performances. The original medieval melodies are present and recognisable, yet treated with a flexibility and freedom which comes from the performers’ traditional music and jazz backgrounds. In style the disc is sui generis, reflecting the varied backgrounds of the performers who have synthesised influences into something entirely original.”
Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill
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“Caitríona O’Leary has a lovely, bell-like voice with clear articulation and sensitivity to the Latin text. The performances are interesting, the sound is quite attractive, and not to be dismissed – a recommendation for this enjoyable collection.”
Michael Wilkinson, MusicWeb International
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“The Red Book of Ossory” was written by a 14th century Irish Bishop for his trebles. Now this spiritual collection of songs enchants us to sinfully beautiful effect on the debut recording of the medieval jazz quartet Anakronos. The bell-like voice of early music chanteuse Caitriona O’Leary charms her way through between keyboards, a clarinet, the saxophone, and the folksy Irish bodhrán like a cat between the legs of the assembled party guests.”
Winifried Dulisch, Audio Magazine

“…The contemporary sounds heard here capture the essence of these beautiful, interesting pieces.”
Jan de Kruijff, Musicalifeiten
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