Pianobleu.com features THE TRANSCENDENTALIST


Ivan Ilić is currently featured on the homepage of French website Pianobleu.com where his latest release THE TRANSCENDENTALIST, is ‘Disque du Moment‘. The site also includes an article on THE TRANSCENDENTALIST and an interview with Ivan Ilić.

Full article and in-depth Ivan Ilić interview (French language)

“Don’t hesitate to purchase this album to fully appreciate these 20th and 21st century works throughout the whole summer. They will offer you lovely moments of peace and meditation, spiced with the pleasure of discovery!”

Excerpt from the interview:

What is the performer’s role? What are the limits of this role? Who decides these limits? Is someone who is curious, or who aspires to be open-minded, obligated to voluntarily limit their curiosity so as to better satisfy the expectations of a pre-established role? Or do they have the right to undermine the pre-existing template and adapt it to their personality, and even express a critical perspective of the role?

These are questions I ask myself every day. Why? Because lately, I find it harder and harder to accept the idea that being a musician means that I can only express a tiny little bit of who I am, and that I must hide the rest deep down so that I can better conform to the expectations of others.

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The Transcendentalist

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