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Heresy is a new record label that takes an unorthodox and unconventional approach to art and commerce.

At Heresy we explore the relationship between the great artistic movements and popular traditions of the past and the cultural transformations occurring at the beginning of the Internet era to bring audiences music and experiences that are surprising, original and meaningful.

Heresy specializes in Early Music, Traditional and World Music, Contemporary Classical and fusions of these styles and more. We believe the past can only be envisioned through the prism of the present and that history is interpreted differently in every generation. With this in mind, we offer our listeners a bold recreation of the past that is influenced by the world that we live in and sounds of today created by some of Europe’s most original and interesting composers.

At Heresy we are committed to a powerful audio and visual experience for our audiences. Concerts by Heresy artists are events and, like our recordings, designed to create a new and unexpected approach to the complex ever-changing relationship between yesterday and today.

As heretics we embrace radical thinking and nonconformity confident in our conviction that a dose of heresy is the best medicine for a better and more creative future.


Heresy is distributed by the Naxos Group of Companies and its affiliates including:
Naxos of America (North and South America)
Select Music and Video Distribution (UK)
Naxos Germany (Germany)
Naxos Japan (Japan)
Select Audio Visual Distribution (Austalia)
Naxos Sweden (Scandinavia)
Abeille Musique (France)
Ducale Music (Italy)
Greek Record Club Ltd (Greece)