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The Heretic

A Pamphlet on Heretics, Heresies and Agitators of Then and Now

heretic /ˈhɛrɪtɪk/ n.
The holder of an unorthodox opinion
(Oxford English Reference Dictionary

The Heretic features the exploits of various heretics and heresies. We hope to illuminate a few of the darker corners of history for our visitors, and also to highlight the work of some of the more controversial iconoclasts of today, from the artistic sphere to the religious to the scientific and beyond. Please check back soon for more ‘profiles in heresy’.

And now, allow us to introduce you to two ‘heretics’ in the quite literal sense…

Michael ServetusMichael Servetus

Article I – Miguel de Villanueva (1511-1553), better known as Servetus, was born in the city of Tudela in Navarre, according to official French documents. Read more

Article II – A Spanish physician and theologian, Michael Servetus enjoyed the distinction of being persecuted by both Catholics and Protestants in an age when the two groups agreed on hardly anything. Read more

Peter CameronPeter Cameron

The Rev Dr Peter Cameron is the only man to have been convicted of Christian heresy in the twentieth century, or for that matter the twenty-first. When the Presbyterian Church of Australia tried him for heresy in 1993, the trial became something of a national fascination. Read more

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