MusicWeb International reviews THE TRANSCENDENTALIST

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Kirk McElhearn of MusicWeb International reviews THE TRANSCENDENTALIST by Ivan Ilić.

“This is, therefore, a recital collection of a variety of pieces that are slow, languid, thoughtful and peaceful. The short Scriabin works are all of the type that recall Satie, or Debussy; simple, subtle, yet moving works that create miniature sound-worlds.”

“Themes come and go, return and fade, creating a sound-world full of questions, rather than resolving and making statements. Ilić plays this work much shorter than most pianists – the three other versions I have of Palais de Mari run from 25 to 29 minutes – but the sound he gets from his Steinway D is rich and complex.”

“Scott Wollschleger’s Music Without Metaphor also has this same feel, with a stark Feldmanesque sound. His piece is a fascinating exploration of simple melodic fragments played seemingly without rhythm. In the hands of Feldman, this could go on for an hour, but Wollschleger stops at less than seven minutes.”

“This should appeal strongly to those who want a piano disc to make them think.”

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