Crescendo magazine review POSSESSED

Crescendo Magazin

German magazine Crescendo have review POSSESSED by eX (translated)

“The album is called Possessed and as we listen we in fact become possessed by the fascinating charismatic singer Caitríona O’Leary with her angelic and ethereal voice. In 2006 this passionate Irishwoman founded the ensemble eX which is devoted to interpreting repertoire from the 11th – 18th centuries. eX uses elements of staging and scenery in order to create a synthesis of the arts for all the senses.

For this album they focus on possession in all of its bizarre delusional forms…a woman accused and hung for witchcraft in 1688 in Boston, the initiation rites of the Afro-Brazilian Candomble and Southern Italian Tarantism in which a furious dance is triggered – according to popular belief – by the bite of the Tarantulla.

Dances, songs and improvisations uniquely performed by O’Leary and her colleagues which evoke the gods and spirits and lull the listener into a trance. Thrillingly different!”

Teresa Pieschacón Raphael

“Aufregend anders!” website review