Classiquenews reviews THE TRANSCENDENTALIST


“Ivan Ilić seduces and captivates us from the beginning to the end of this tremendous programme.”

Lucas Irom of Classiquenews (France) has reviewed Ivan Ilić’s THE TRANSCENDENTALIST which is released today on Heresy Records. The album also received the Classiquenews Le Clic Award.

Le Clic
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“A cosmic piano, an intellectual one, a keyboard opening a path to other worlds… In his quest for the invisible, the excellent pianist Ivan Ilić makes no concessions to facility (he demonstrated this in a previous album dedicated to Godowsky, a commendable challenge met to perfection with the left hand – a peak for a pianist withfull mastery of both of his agile hands). Our voyaging artist now returns, tuned to the grandiose, visionary, intimate universe of Scriabin, Cage, Feldman… and of the leastknown of the quartet, Scott Wollschleger… [Ilić] knows how to chisel each composer’s intense and voluble interior necessity, how to characterise the travails of thought as much as the fingers’ virtuosity.”

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The Transcendentalist

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