Bavarian Radio makes THE TRANSCENDENTALIST their ‘Critic’s Choice’

BR Klassik

Renowned Bavarian radio station, BR Klassik (Bayerischer Rundfunk) has awarded Ivan Ilić’s THE TRANSCENDENTALIST its CD Tipp (Critic’s Choice).

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“With this CD the mechanical processes are quickly forgotten.  Are those really hammers that strike strings?  You hear delicate tone clouds that float by, form figures, and dissolve again.”

“…here virtuosity is a question of the mind and of independence, not of technical finesse.  The same can be said of Ivan Ilić, a sound philosopher on the piano.  After the final note of “The Transcendentalist” has faded, you actually feel: enlightened.” – Ben Alber, BR Klassik.

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The Transcendentalist

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