Shipwrecked reviewed by German magazine Toccata – “Eine Super CD”

SHIPWRECKED by eX has been reviewed in the September edition of Toccata magazine:

“On the surface this is a collection of Renaissance vocal and instrumental music. However set against the background of a Spaniard who is shipwrecked and forced to experience and contend with the culture and ways of ancient Ireland this becomes an incredibly fascinating story.”

“Caitríona O’Leary’s clear and enchanting soprano playfully leads us through a myriad of the most diverse sounds, modes and moods. The performances exhibit a great deal of commitment from the ensemble and eX finds a way – through the grandeur of the Spanish music and the playfulness of the Irish jigs to carry the listener away. A Great CD!”

Robert Strobl, Toccata – Alte Musik Aktuell
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Shipwrecked SHIPWRECKED (German edition)