The Transcendentalist by Ivan Ilic

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“Not many classical releases combine a genuinely searching musical experience with an effective antidote to a frazzling day at the office. This one fascinatingly does.” Malcolm Hayes, Sinfini Music

“A cosmic piano, an intellectual one, a keyboard opening a path to other worlds… one of the most successful interior voyages ever heard.” Lucas Irom, Classiquenews.com

“Ivan Ilic’s superbly played, inspiring program with calm and dream-like music provides the link between the world which we come from and the same world which we will enter again, one day. This world is just broken apart by our own dance of life.” Remy Franck, Pizzicato

“Ivan Ilić seduces and captivates us from the beginning to the end of this tremendous programme. Ivan Ilić’s album The Transcendentalist is an immediate favourite and a CLIC for Classiquenews.” Lucas Irom, Classiquenews.com

“Ilić succeeds in transcending the clamor of modern life with his exquisite quietude.” Michael Johnson, Facts & Arts

THE TRANSCENDENTALIST is Serbian American pianist, Ivan Ilić’s first album for Heresy Records. Featuring works by Alexander Scriabin, John Cage, Morton Feldman and the young American composer Scott Wollschleger, the pieces on the album demonstrate the influence Scriabin’s music had on American avant-garde piano music.  The album also reveals the connections between these composers and Transcendentalism, America’s first important philosophical movement.

On Transcendentalism

Transcendentalism was America’s first notable intellectual movement. In two manifestos by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nature in 1836 and The Transcendentalist in 1842, he laid out the philosophy and tenants of transcendental thought.  Transcendentalism was founded as a reaction to and against rationalism and materialism and was influenced by oriental religions, German idealism and Romanticism. Its members embraced spirituality, idealism, inspiration, intuition and the worship of beauty and nature as guiding principals.

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01 – Alexander Scriabin – Prelude, Opus 16 no. 1 in B major 2:48
02 – Alexander Scriabin – Prelude, Opus 11 no. 21 in B-flat major 1:17
03 – John Cage – Dream (1948) 9:03
04 – Alexander Scriabin – Guirlandes, Opus 73 no. 1 4:15
05 – Alexander Scriabin – Prelude, Opus 31 no. 1 in D-flat major 2:28
06 – Alexander Scriabin – Prelude, Opus 39 no. 3 in G major 1:23
07 – Alexander Scriabin – Prelude, Opus 15 no. 4 in E major 1:11
08 – Scott Wollschleger (b. 1980) – Music Without Metaphor (2013) 6:50
09 – Alexander Scriabin – Rêverie, Opus 49 no. 3 1:10
10 – Alexander Scriabin – Poème languide, Opus 52 no. 3 1:36
11 – John Cage – In a Landscape (1948) 9:30
12 – Morton Feldman – Palais de Mari (1986) 22:37
Total Time 64:08


Executive Producer & Art Director: Eric Fraad
Session Producer and Recording Engineer: Judith Carpentier-Dupont
Digital Editing: Ivan Ilić
Mastering Engineer: James Durkin

Recorded September and November 2013, at the Salle Cortot, Paris
Steinway Model D piano tuned by Kazuto Osato and Franck Terreaux

Photography: Laelia Milleri
Graphic Design: Gareth Jones